Nissan Leaf owner converts to Ford CMax Energi

I blogged several times.  You tried to get some exec to help.  To no avail….he did absolutely nothing and my Nissan piece of crap sits in storage in my garage since November.  I plan to turn it back in May when the lease runs out.  All the while I am paying some $419 a month along with a small insurance fee for prolonged storage for it to sit there.   I can’t wait to be done with these dishonest idiots.  Ironically, I got a call from Nissan Acceptance Corp  encouraging me to buy out my lease.  Once I started informing him of the debacle his sister company got me into he said since I was not the primary signature on the lease he couldn’t talk to me.  I told him that as long as I was responsible for the loan I should be able to provide input and not to bother us again with stupid calls.  He hung up.


Hurting even worse is the fact the I had to purchase a different vehicle for my wife to continue her commute 44 miles, each way, to work.  We got a Ford CMax Energi with gives one about 22 miles on pure electricity there after about 50 miles per gallon.  We are averaging about 63 MPG for the eighty-eight mile trek which is not too bad given she won’t run out of power on the way to or from work. 


This whole situation is particularly painful since my wife was an early adopter of electric power being responsible for the installation of twelve charging stations in her corporation’s headquarters.