Welcome to the Wilting Leaf website.  I will be sharing my story of how I purchased a new Nissan Leaf and how after 1.25 years that battery is dying due to capacity loss.  Nissan is refusing to acknowledge the issue even exists let alone actually fixing it.  Check back here often for updates and follow me on Twitter.  You can also point your favorite RSS reader to http://wiltingleaf.com/blog to get updates from my blog.  If you are also experiencing issues, please be sure to submit a formal complaint with all 3 of the following agencies.

File a complaint with Nissan USA EV customer support line!

Make sure you get a ticket# from them as this is how you will track your request going forward.  Also good to have this before you submit the online forms below so that the agencies have a reference number that they can use when contacting Nissan.

EV Customer Support TeamPhone: (877) NO GAS EV (or 877-664-2738)

Monday through Friday:
7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Central Time
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Central Time

Twitter: @NissanLEAFHelp
Chat Now with an EV Support Team Member

Submit your complaint online!

Better Business Bureau - Auto Line (they don't have the Leaf listed in the model dropdown list, but if you just select a different model from there and put in the notes that it is a Nissan Leaf that is supposed to work according to BBB technical support, I just called them at 800-955-5100)

Arizona Attorney General

Federal Trade Commission

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