Helping Others with Nissan Leaf Repurchase

This was an email that I received from someone that came to my website for help to get their Nissan Leaf repurchased.  I'm glad that the information I was able to provide them was able to get Nissan to repurchase their vehicle.  I'm wish the Nissan Leaf would have continued to work here in our hot Arizona climate, but you just can't have a car that doesn't get you to work and back everyday.

You're not going to believe this.  They are going to buy our car back!  Wow, I never thought it would happen.  Thanks to you I had the ammunitioin necessary to confront these guys.  My wife and I really appreciate your help and guidance.  They are refunding everything (including sales tax) minus usage.  I can live with that.
Thanks for all the help you have given us and others to help fix this problem that Nissan is reluctant to acknowledge.