Dr. Kaib has to have her Nissan Leaf towed

I didn't want to be a Leaf Owner that learned to dread my purchase. But today I ran out of charge.  I've been worried because the car has lost a capacity bar, but seems to be acting like it's lost much more battery capacity that it appears.  Nissan respectfully disagrees with me, but how do they explain this:
Today on a full charge, I started for my hairdresser of 20 years.  It's 26 miles away- mostly freeway going 55- 65mph (and yes, everyone passes me with angry looks in Phoenix when I go the speed limit).  
It was 50 degrees out and I had a full charge (minus a precious bar).  I ran out after 52 miles!  Obviously the battery isn't holding a charge.
Called for a TOW. 70 minutes later, the tow truck arrived and put my  blue 2011 Leaf on the flatbed and took me to ABC NISSAN.   By the time I got the paper work completed and rented a car, it took 2 hours of my day and a lot of new grey hair. 
Previous to this event today, I've filled with the BBB, but they are saying it's not a warranty issue. Seriously? No one would have bought a Nissan Leaf if they were told it was a disposable car after 18 months because it now only can drive 25 miles away from your home!! 
Nissan sent an inspector and take 'readings'. Guess what, there's nothing wrong with my car and "Nissan is not interested in doing anything for (me) at this time'.     Really, $38,000 down the drain? 
Since this started happening, at least a dozen people have asked me about my car because they are interested in buying one.  I can no longer recommend the Leaf.  I tell them all to avoid a fully electric car- what a shame. 
Susan  (aka Scubasandy)