Another customer gets their Nissan Leaf repurchased moved to 2013 Nissan Leaf lease

Here's a copy of the email that I received of one of the satisfied owners that used the techniques on the website to get their car repurchased by Nissan.  I am glad that Nissan is still helping people that are in the unfortunate situation of buying a Nissan Leaf to later find that the batteries capacity is severly limited after a short amount of time.  I wish Nissan would come up with a more general process to avoid people spending so much time trying to resolve their situation.  In this customer's case, Nissan was able to move them to a lease on a Nissan 2013 which I think is a reasonable workaround to the issue.


"The new LEAF came in and I picked it up on Sunday from ABC Nissan.  So far the driving experience on the 2013 is similar to the 2011.  I chose the black leather seats over the gray cloth so I’m not afraid to touch the door handles for fear of staining them :-)  There’s a little more cargo room in the back and I like the light feature in the charging port along with the remote opener for the port door.


The buy back process was very seamless as the dealer did all the follow up after I provided the buy back details from Nissan. 


The arbitration specialist was extremely helpful and very responsive to any questions I had about the process.


I ended up leasing for two years; therefore reducing my monthly payments from the 5 year purchase option.  I have never leased a car before so I will decide if that is a better option for me after two years when I surrender the LEAF and decide if I want to stay electric or move on to something else.


Nissan stood by its customers and really listened.  I had figured a buy back would take a little more effort on my part; but all I had to do was ask and they made it happened.  There number one priority was to make me happy as a Nissan customer. "