Another unsatisfied Nissan Leaf customer in Tucson, AZ

One Nissan owner contacted me via my email address today to share his story about his experience with Nissan Customer Service.  I later called him and talked to him about his situation and feel that he should be given the option for a repurchase of his car as well.  I told him to submit the proper paper work to BBB, AZ Attorney General, FTC, etc.  Hopefully Nissan will do the right thing and work with him to satisfy his request.  Here is a copy of the email that he sent to me.

It's wonderful to hear that customers, with your help, have obtained a level of satisfaction in the "Wilting Leaf" debacle from Nissan.  My dealings with Nissan Customer Relations regarding my 2011 Leaf, purchased in June 2011, was completely unfruitful and extremely frustrating.  Given that, I will never buy another Nissan automobile, and will be stuck with my "Wilting Leaf" for another year, due to financial constraints.  Please let it be known that this company has a, not so nice side, to them.  This of course damages their public image, and will tarnish electric automotive acceptance in general.

Regards, J. Steele Tucson, AZ