Nissan Leaf new warranty information

Nissan posted details of their new warranty on the forum on Friday.  I can't believe that they consider this an acceptable solution to Nissan Leaf owners.  It will be interesting to see what details they come out with on the battery replacement program, but how can the consider getting the car to 9 out of 12 bars of capacity a valid warranty action.  This would be equivalent to saying you have a 12 gallon gas tank and as long as it hold 9 gallons of gas then you shouldn't complain about it.  Seriously, Nissan!  Also, the 5 year/60,000 mile condition is ridiculous as well.  This is going to make the resale value of EV market completely tank.  So if I buy a new Nissan Leaf I should expect that it will only last 5 years?  Why would I ever buy a new car that is only going to last for 5 years.  Why wouldn't Nissan just actually stand by their originally commitment of 8 year/100,000 miles?  In AZ, I would guess there will be very few Nissan Leafs that will make it to 5 years/60,000 miles without getting down to 9 bars so just stop selling the cars in hot climates.  It's completely acceptable to sell the cars in other climates, but they are not ready for hot climates.  Please stop selling Nissan Leaf cars in hot climates Nissan.