Another disappointed Nissan Leaf owner in Virginia

Received a request from a gentleman in Virginia to post this on the site.  I wonder if Nissan will say that he drove is car too many miles this time.  Seems like 3200 miles is way less than their "normal" milelage of 7500 miles/year.

I bought a Nissan Leaf from a dealer in Texas and drove the car 3200 miles in 12 months and lost my first battery capacity bar/dot. A loss of 15% battery capacity in just about 12 months. During several trips to the local Nissan dealership I was first told the problem was in the cars instrumentation and then later told the “Charging problem” I was having was caused by bad wiring in my house. Charging the car to only 80% with only 85% battery capacity gives me a range of about 40 miles and I am getting 5.8 to 6.6 miles per kwh. My first Battery usage report showed 5 stars out of 5 for all categories. I can’t believe that Nissan is not stepping up to the plate and giving me a new battery!!!