Upset Nissan Leaf owner warning other customers

Someone left this note on my website and asked that I share it with the larger community. I wish that the BBB Auto Line would start helping customers instead of siding with the corporate empires. The owners manual of the Nissan Leaf states to contact the BBB Auto Line for any warranty concerns. I guess companies are allowed to just change the terms and conditions of their warranty after the consumer has purchased the product these days.

"FYI: If you live in a hot region of the US, and are considering the purchase a Nissan Leaf Plug-in Electric automobile, you might want to reconsider that thought. If you live in a cooler more temperate area, read no further. My 2011 Leaf purchased in June of 2011 in Tucson, AZ has experienced a loss of 2 charging capacity levels. Both occurred in the heat of the 2 subsequent summer seasons. Nissan is willing to nothing, due to an insufficient extended battery warrantee put in place when this problem appeared in quantity late in the summer of 2012. The warrantee states, Nissan will only respond if more than 3 capacity levels have been lost I tried getting help from Nissan in the summer of 2012 before this warrantee was in place. Nissan delayed responding until after the warrantee was enacted, and refused any further assistance. I then filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau Auto Line when my 2nd capacity level was lost in 2013. In that process Nissan agreed to a DTS technical analysis of my car. This only verified the battery's degradation. At that time updated software was loaded into my car that was supposed to increase range estimation accuracy by the car, and increase charging precision in the car's charging system. The battery degradation was not addressed or corrected. I attempted to reopen my claim with BBB Auto Line for final arbitration. They would proceed no further saying that my vehicle had not lost enough charging capacity level for correction under the manufactures extended warrantee. With insufficient funds for legal advice, I have proceeded no further."