Nissan USA Response

On 08/30/2012, Nissan USA had an Arbitration Specialist from the Dispute Resolution Team call me back to discuss my issue that I had submitted to the BBB.  She asked me some questions about what I was experiencing and what steps had been taken thus far.  Then she asked me if I would like to have a Dealer Technical Specialist (DTS) come to the dealership and look at my car.  I asked her what the DTS was going to be able to do that the service department at the dealership has not already been able to do.  She told me that I needed to have the DTS look at the car before we could continue resolving the issue.  I asked her when the DTS was available, and she said, I'm not sure, I'll have to contact them and see when they are available and then I'll call you back to see if you are available.  She said she should be able to call me back on 08/31/2012, but if I did not hear back from her by 09/04/2012, I should call her back.

Of course she did not call me back and I emailed her on 09/04/2012 at 7:24am to find out when I can get the appointment scheduled for the DTS and she calls me back and says, how about today at 3:00pm.  I told her I would have to check my schedule and then I'll email her back if that worked.  I responded back to her at 7:32am saying that I was able to make it to the appointment at 3:00pm.

I really did not see the point in doing this, but I was really hoping that maybe they would find something that would show them that the vehicle is not experiencing "normal degradation" and there would be some resolution.  I was definitely wrong!!!