WiltingLeaf makes it in the GreenCarReports.com article

The WiltingLeaf.com blog got mentioned in this GreenCarReports.com article focusing on the Nissan repurchase of cars under Arizona Lemon Law.  Thanks for the honorable mention GreenCarReports!!

"Reiterating that Nissan believes the issue of premature battery loss to be confined to a small number of cases, and that globally, Nissan Leaf customers remain one of the most satisfied car owners in the world, Zachary added, "Remember, this is a small group of owners we're talking about, and it's not a pervasive problem. It's a combination of high temperatures and high miles in a small number of cases."

If Nissan truely believes that there are such a "small number of cases" then why aren't they being more open and honest with these small number of owners and coming to a resolution that can make everyone happy.  They really are taking a ton of bad press for 450 out of 17,000 cars sold here in the US.  I don't know who at Nissan has decided to cause so much turmoil around 3% of owners in the US.  The Nissan Leaf is an excellent car and this is just one fatal flaw that I'm sure can be resolved at some point and time.  I believe that the demographic of Leaf owners would understand they are an "early adopter" and would work with Nissan to help find a resolution and be willing to accept this issue without resorting to class action lawsuits, Lemon Law repurchases, etc, but Nissan has made owners feel that the issue is their fault by not admitting to a design flaw and telling owners the car is "performing as designed" and hiding behind the legal system.