Strange warning light on my car!

I was just on my way home from wing night at Native New Yorker this evening and this strange warning light came on in my car.  According to the owners manual it seems I have to add some sort of liquid to this car called gasoline that gets burned by the engine in order to create energy to push the car forward.  This seems like such an inefficient process.  It was so much nicer when I was driving on sunshine.

I found this place called a gas station on the ride home and I had to stop and put fuel into this tank in the side of the car.  I remember when I just used to plug Eva (my previous Nissan Leaf) into the wall when I got home.  It was so much simpler that way.  I could just plug her in at night and the next morning she was ready to go.  Now I have to go out of my way to find this gas station place and then I have to pick 3 different "grades" of gas.  I only thought grades were something to measure how well you did in school.  I selected the lowest grade because it was the cheapest, but it still cost $53.77 to fill up the tank.